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We are a state-of-the-art agency headquartered in the City of Westminster, helping local and global clients in the diverse London real estate market. We pride ourselves on implementing advanced technology solutions in our industry. We specialise in property sales, lettings, management, and investments, such as asset acquisition, liquidation, and buy-to-let transactions.

Irresistible Integrity

We are an international real estate firm that takes pride in our considered approach to every relationship and investment. Our portfolio comprises residential and commercial properties, such as flats, terraced houses, villas, offices, and retail spaces.

We are always seeking ways to enhance the value of our investments, through development, acquisition, and improvement of real estate. Moreover, we support local initiatives and are committed to achieving excellence at every opportunity.

Our driving mission is to establish long-term value for our esteemed investors by creating exceptional real estate projects that are built with precision and benefit our stakeholders. Our emphasis on fostering robust relationships is a testament to our unwavering integrity.

While we could certainly expound on our rich history, extensive experience, and unmatched network, we acknowledge that this industry is focused on our clients – the individuals who entrust us with their resources, assets, and loved ones. We recognise the immense responsibility that comes with this trust, and we are honoured that our most powerful marketing tool is the endorsement of our satisfied clients.


The group supports partners and clients with real estate investments, focusing on the acquisition, reclamation, and exploitation of property with added value and underlying assets.

We offer extensive consulting for real estate to reliably and effectively clarify the figures in the process.


Deal Sourcing

Process Management

Owner’s Representation Services

Sales and Marketing


We identify opportunities that will integrate and add value. When we see a project that meets our optimal deadlines, we act fast, focusing on growth and adjusting the value application or management strategy to achieve the highest return on investment.
Your value added:

We offer a lean and transparent process, along with legally robust properties and a trusted provider. With correct information, you can ensure an efficient portfolio and make the right decisions. Additionally, benefit from a coherent procedure.

Our clients benefit from our interdisciplinary consulting approach and our close collaboration with tax law teams and international consultants. Furthermore, pragmatism and goal-orientation guide our actions.

Our aim is to identify opportunities that integrate and add value. When we see a project meeting optimal requirements, we act quickly, thinking about growth and adjust value application or plan strategies to achieve the highest return on investment.

Unique Values



With experience spanning over 20 years in multiple large-scale developments from creation through design, construction, and project management to sales and handover to end-users, you can trust our inside-out industry knowledge.

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The attributes that consumers value in a competent real estate agent differ based on their specific requirements. Nevertheless, in general, agents should exhibit proficiency in the market and a dedication to delivering exceptional service.

Additionally, we have taken numerous steps over the years to introduce a wider range of related services, all under one roof, and we have a proven track record that speaks for itself.



All of our clients are considered VIPs, and every single applicant is of great importance to us. It is our privilege to work alongside high-profile clients on a regular basis, whose expectations and requirements differ significantly from those of other groups. We fully comprehend their unique needs and strive to provide exceptional service to meet their standards.

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Discretion and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.



Q Investments International embodies the epitome of global collaboration and concordance. Our penchant for generating prospects and exchanging knowledge is unparalleled.

About Us: International team

Q Investments International is an exemplary model of an organization with a grand international vision. Thanks to their distinguished reputation and commendable experience in the field, they have had the privilege to collaborate with numerous esteemed international developers and agencies that share their values of ethical conduct, excellence in service, and professional proficiency.

With such remarkable associations spanning the globe, they are capable of delivering a tailored service of unparalleled quality while possessing resources and outreach of global proportions. Thus, not only can they assist international clients in their search for prime properties and investments in the United Kingdom region or London, but they can also provide invaluable guidance if one wishes to purchase an apartment in Dubai, a house in Doha, or even a vacation home in any part of the world.

Industry Standards

Property Redress Scheme certificateWe also are part of The Property Redress SchemeUnited Kingdom government Property Redress Scheme authorized Consumer Redress Scheme for lettings, property management and estate agents and other property professionals. The Property Redress Scheme is approved by UK Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.

As part of the Data Protection Act 1998, we handle and process personal information in accordance with current regulations and are registered with the ICO.


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