Steeped in centuries of history, London has it all: amazing art galleries, museums, shopping, some of the globe’s most iconic landmarks, brands, as well as entertainment, including the theatres of the West End.Continue Reading

Deciding to sell or rent your property

We make decisions – sell it or rent a property? It’s fair to say that the real estate market can sometimes feel like a minefield.
Everyone has their own advice, but what’s good for your situation may not suit the next person at all. This blog will highlight a few key considerations when deciding what to do with your existing property when it’s time to move – sell it or rent it.Continue Reading

Holiday accommodation is on demand

The demand for holiday apartments is growing rapidly every year.
For those looking to expand their vacation property by purchasing apartments for rent, this may be the incentive you need to get started. That and the fact that more growth is projected over the next five years.Continue Reading

Green is the new color

The psychology of the interaction of colors and elements of nature on humans indicates only positive effects. The color green, associated with greenery, gardens, cleanContinue Reading


  مزرعة للبيع في #بقين نسق اول فوق الشارع العام عبارة عن بناء من ٤ طوابق ملبس حجر رحيباني (مسجل ٥ في الطابو) كل طابق شقة مكيفاتContinue Reading

The timeless white, combined with the roughness of grey stones or warm, bright colours complemented by wooden elements

In this difficult time when our health is influenced by everything we touch, the new era of interior environments creates a trend for an aesthetic, hygienic and meaningful place. A safe clean living space with a calming, comfortable atmosphere is needed.
Today it might be necessary to not only declutter the space around and simplify aesthetics, but also to go much further… We must think of a new way of life; start to introduce regime of hygiene, spike immunity and search for a peace beyond the reach of invisible intrudersContinue Reading

New Homes and british luxury real estate best properties

Q Investments is a company that empowers you with the knowledge that enables you to build a safe, financially secure future. Do you want aContinue Reading