Entering the house today, we should behave differently than, for example, a year ago. So what should you be aware of?

At the entrance, there are two external and internal doormats, a separate place for shoes, and a wardrobe for outer clothes. Easy access to the bathroom in the hall. In the bathroom, a basket by the door for dirty or contaminated clothes. Good quality washing machine , which to protect the material should also work effectively in low temperatures.

Remember to use a good quality vacuum cleaner. We do not personally recommend automatic vacuum cleaners. They have poor potency and will not reach most corners, and this can cause contamination to accumulate for long periods without being noticed. You should have newer but cheaper equipment. Every year companies make improvements, and it makes no sense to spend money on something that is supposed to perform basic functions.

In the kitchen, an irreplaceable device is a dishwasher, which will not only help us in our daily duties, but also disinfects dangerous bacteria, for example from a plate after marinating raw chicken.

There are different types of lighting to help with soundproofing as well as room control. And more on that soon ..