The psychology of the interaction of colors and elements of nature on humans indicates only positive effects.

The color green, associated with greenery, gardens, clean air and relaxation.

Man loves nature. It is a natural instinct where the body itself demands rest and better living conditions.

It is convenient to live in the city center, close to shops, restaurants and friends. But today, when the factor of survival and being healthy determines our life, if it is only possible, change the place to a greener one!

We can think of painting the walls or sticking a beautiful decorative wallpaper. And this, at least a little bit, can help us calm down and create a momentary sense of contact with nature.

If we can, let’s make a decision to arrange the balcony or even the window sill. Let’s build a small garden.

And for the more decisive, let’s look for an apartment or a house with a garden.

Own herbs and vegetables, fruit. They may not be as beautiful as from supermarket chains, but they will be fresh and we know what we eat.

A small “greenhouse” is a small expense, various types of offers can be found on the Internet, where such a “greenhouse tent” can be located in a different place and can be moved.

An interesting idea for next spring for you or as a gift for your family.