And again a holiday! We look dreamily at airline billboards. Beach, palm trees, sunshine almost always guaranteed. Exoticism. Or maybe what is always our favorite place in the south of Europe. And the annual family argument, where to go not to overpay, warms up our everyday life again. That’s right: summer is here.
If you are thinking of taking advantage of the warmer weather and taking a short vacation break, you are probably not alone. Recent travel surveys carried out show an increase in domestic and overseas travel in most countries. Well, we’re already cosmopolitan, citizens of the world. We have a need to stay and experience multicultural impressions and “climate” changes. With so much travel, accommodation providers have to reap huge rewards. Is it time for you to look for an investment in holiday accommodation?


Traveling in your own country, with both domestic and foreign guests, is now also hot. Investing in vacation rentals is a great way to collect some of that tourist income for yourself. Whether it’s a simple vacation home (which you can also use on your own) or a larger business activity, your real estate agent can refer you to great businesses and suitable homes for sale around the world.
It’s clear that the industry can make money, and hotel price index data show that the median room rate is approaching $ 150 per night both in Europue and elsewhere in the world. On both sides of this average, there is room for any situation you can think of.


If you are thinking of taking on more than your usual accommodation business, some countries have their own government initiatives to help new small business owners settle in. 
People love holidays now it seems more than ever. Talk to your real estate agent about investing in holiday accommodation and take advantage of the season.