Since we know the market well, we are able to find unique investment opportunities. We combine our multi-international experience with a knowledge from world’s top education institutions, research centers and training businesses to create successful development projects. And now we offer to partner with us and and benefit from special offers.

The following services are intended for private and institutional investors, who are aiming for an appreciation of their financial resources in newly build or renovation projects.

Project management


Project Design


Marketing and Sales


We always try to find only exceptional investment opportunities in real estate and offer you the possibility of becoming our investment partner. We secure full project management and provide consultancy in all phases of the project. We offer all kinds of partnerships at all possible levels of cooperation.



Assessment of the investment plan and proposal of the most effective solution of the development project with respect to the current situation on the market



Consultancy with architectural plans, unit proportion and unit dispositions with the goal of avoiding mistakes and achieving the greatest demand for the property in the future


Market Research

Marketing and sales plans, including pricing



High quality web presentation with photos and 3D visualizations



Proposal of a marketing and sales strategy


Legal work

Proposal of contractual documentation and legal services



Professional mortgage and finance services


Sales Office

Provision of sales, communication with buyers, negotiation of terms and conditions and changes



Handover of the property to clients



Additional services


Q Investments’ involvement begins with the valuation and acquisition of land, through leasing and asset management. Our detailed and planned approach ensures a smooth transition through every phase of development and timely delivery.

  • Assessment, choice, powers and acquisition of the site
  • Financial and investment analysis
  • Loan proposals and choosing the most suitable lender, debt and capital financing
  • Evaluation and selection of the team, including the architect, interior designer, general contractor, construction engineer, construction engineer, technical engineer, mechanical engineer, electrician, plumber and landscape engineer
  • Supervision of all aspects of the before construction and during construction stages, from planing and work on construction, after building and receipt of Certificates of Use
  • Interior Design and staging
  • Retain and manage professional staff and development office
  • Management of ongoing operations for investors
  • Prepare periodic financial reports for investors or partners

We always try to find only exceptional investment opportunities in real estate and offer you the possibility of becoming our investment partner. We secure full project management and provide consultancy in all phases of the project. We offer all kinds of partnerships at all possible levels of cooperation.