Today’s picture of a successful career includes financial stability and less sleep. In order to ensure financial freedom, family, personal convenience and mental health must be dedicated to the stress or stress of today’s rapidly changing workforce. Sadly, the exclusion of restful sleep in our image of success does more harm than good as sleep-deprivation may also decrease life expectancy by 15%, shaving off almost 12 years from the standard life expectancy of 78 years. As we become busier with our daily goals, sleep tends to be tossed to the wayside, yet what good is wealth without health?

As an international investment corporation, we recognize and promote well-being as a basic investment that our members should make, starting with sleep. The impact on the population, loss of sleep affects our financial stability just as economic and political changes, crushing our bodies from within. Not only does it maximize stressors, but sleep-loss has been linked to several illnesses, including a 70% drop in natural killer cells – the same cells responsible for preventing cancer. With an overwhelming amount of research begging for better sleep patterns, healthy investment options are crucial more than ever.