As real estate investors, we always see what customers, buyers and landlords are looking for. The best way to encourage buyers and tenants of homes is to know what they are looking for. Outside the location and price are the characteristics of the house that home buyers and tenants consider the most desirable.

The Good…

  • Floor plans open concept
  • Large windows / natural light
  • Houses ready to introduceup
  • Improved countertops, all materials
  • Updated Windows – Energy efficiency
  • Large cabinets in the master bedroom
  • Nearby
  • Updated lighting fixtures
  • Wooden floors – hardwood and laminate
  • Neardedicated laundry /equipment
  • Available parking – especially off the street

The Bad…

  • Popcorn Ceilings
  • Carpet from wall to wall / worn carpet
  • Small kitchens and bathrooms
  • Minimal natural light
  • Ground pools
  • Rebuilt garages
  • Low ceilings on the main floor
  • Near loud location on a busy street


  • Energy-efficient devices are becoming more and more important for home buyers. This becomes standard in new construction houses.
  • In particular, granite countertops lose the “wow” factor.
  • Near the two-storey bedroom house on the main floor is gaining popularity among buyers.
  • The Giant Jetted tub is a big resignation for most home buyers. Both buyers and tenants do not like “old” wallpapers, and yet the wallpaper is very popular in new designs as a buyer’s preference.