Let us no longer consider choosing the right ecological lifestyle. To save the environment and the planet, to prevent the further development of destructive global warming processes and the formation of harmful viruses and the reproduction of insects and other hidden plagues, we must act. This is not about any major actions, your involvement in external large ventures! All we have to do is change our habits and habits today and start making better choices.

Usually the day starts in the morning, as long as your job has no other constraints or you are a night owl. What are you doing in the morning?

You get up, stretch, you can exercise a little; Yes, at home, with no exhaust emissions as you drive your car through half the city to other sweat-scented gyms or spa salons (slimming treatments).

Breakfast, the simplest, seasonal fruit, local products, cereal flakes, eggs. There is so much talk and writing about healthy eating that you know what you eat. Availability of bio products is wide.

Your work, at home or in the office … Now it is different. But do you really need a car to get to your downtown office? Isn’t it better to walk to a tram stop or metro station?

I know elderly people who use every opportunity to take a walk. Movement supports immunity! To a very large extent.

Otherwise, when we have a lot of meetings with customers, the car is not replaced. Try to choose an electric vehicle or at least an ergonomic one.

We often use electronic devices at work. Nowadays, not only at work. Does a phone or computer that works perfectly for a year or more really need to be replaced with a newer model? Do you know what happens to waste electronic equipment? Do you think it soaks into the soil and neutralizes itself? Certainly not. Find out!

Men and women, both fascinated by the glass screen and imbued with the canons of beauty, we want to look clean, neat and beautiful!

Shopping madness, we can do a lot. If so, choose less, but something that has value and won’t destroy the planet. Your decision has an impact on the type of ingredients used in the production, but with a little more effort on the manufacturer’s actions.

I understand that something is cheap and available, but imagine clouds of factory smoke, polluted sewage flowing into rivers and oceans.

Your skin will thank you for bio cosmetics. Just give it a try to feel the difference.

It is evening, turn off unnecessary lighting and equip yourself with appliances that help you save energy.

From light bulbs to TV and household appliances.

In the shower, try to use the minimum amount of water. Did you know that some parts of the world already lack drinking water?

Perhaps the above savings will allow you to make better, environmentally friendly choices. But to be eco, you do not have to spend money, you have to change your mentality and make yourself and others aware that it is not a fashion but today it is a necessity.