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About Us

We are a state-of-the-art agency headquartered in the City of Westminster, helping local and global clients in the diverse London real estate market.

About Us


As an international real estate firm, we are proud of our thoughtful approach to every relationship and investment. Our carefully chosen property portfolio includes a mix of investments in residential and commercial real estate, such as apartments, townhouses, villas, offices, and retail spaces.

We pride ourselves on implementing advanced technology solutions in our industry. We specialise in property sales, lettings, management, and investments, such as asset acquisition, liquidation, and buy-to-let transactions.

We constantly look for ways to increase the value of our investments through the development, acquisition, and improvement of real estate. Additionally, we support local initiatives. Our team is committed to excellence and focuses on doing the right thing at every turn.

Our mission is to build long-term value by creating high-quality real estate projects that benefit our investors. Our emphasis on building relationships is a reflection of our integrity.

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Our Vision

We identify opportunities that will integrate and add value.

When we see a project that meets our optimal deadlines, we act fast, focusing on growth and adjusting the value application or management strategy to achieve the highest return on investment.


All of our clients are considered VIPs, and every single applicant is of great importance to us. It is our privilege to work alongside high-profile clients on a regular basis, whose expectations and requirements differ significantly from those of other groups. We fully comprehend their unique needs and strive to provide exceptional service to meet their standards.


The attributes that consumers value in a competent real estate agent differ based on their specific requirements. Nevertheless, in general, agents should exhibit proficiency in the market and a dedication to delivering exceptional service.
Additionally, we have taken numerous steps over the years to introduce a wider range of related services, all under one roof, and we have a proven track record that speaks for itself.


With experience spanning over 20 years in multiple large-scale developments from creation through design, construction, and project management to sales and handover to end-users, you can trust our inside-out industry knowledge.


Q Investments International is an exemplary model of an organisation with a grand international vision.

Thanks to our distinguished reputation and commendable experience in the field, we have had the privilege to collaborate with numerous esteemed international developers and agencies that share their values of ethical conduct, excellence in service, and professional proficiency. With such remarkable associations spanning the globe, we are capable of delivering a tailored service of unparalleled quality while possessing resources and outreach of global proportions. Thus, not only can we assist international clients in their search for prime properties and investments in London, but also provide invaluable guidance if one wishes to purchase an apartment in Dubai, a house in Doha, or a vacation home in any part of the world.

Anas Alsaqati


We could talk long about ourselves, our history, experience, and contacts. However, this business is mostly about our investors – people who trust us with their money, assets, and families. We take our responsibilities very seriously, and our best marketing tool is the recommendation of our satisfied clients.

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