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We provide services for the sale, purchase, rental, and management of the real estate for investors all over the world. We analyse projects, select and offer our clients exclusively those that can bring the greatest profit.

There are several parts of a real estate transaction that many people might be unfamiliar with. Things like title deed, insurance, disclosure reports and mortgages are critical to the real estate process. Because maybe these ancillary services are not something you might be familiar with on a regular basis. It is important to understand the impact and influence they have in real estate transactions.

The best is to assemble a bevy of services that can make real estate transaction as smooth as possible. We are here not only to advice but to help and be a trusted friend.

We are active in real estate, finance, insurance and manufacturing field. Team consisted of a group of partners who have been distinguished successfully in their field. Each in a particular scientific field. As a result are associated together to form a single high-quality service package.


The group supports partners and clients with real estate investments, focusing on the acquisitionreclamation, and exploitation of property with added value and underlying assets.

We offer extensive consulting for real estate to reliably and effectively clarify the figures in the process.

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Additional services

For a comfortable implementation of your intended investment we offer an access to useful services. We can assist you in working with experienced professionals such as architects, accountants, and lawyers who can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your investment journey.

Our additional services cover your property investment and property management needs. The set of services is designed to help you get rid of all hassle and risks. The added value of our specialists, like architects mostly is the focus and experience in the property investment field.


Property marketing encompasses a variety of tools and strategies to promote a property to potential buyers. These include high-quality photography, 3D tours, brochures, videos, and well-designed listings. Effective marketing efforts should be targeted to the appropriate market and promoted through various channels, including social media and additional portals and professional network.


The partner office of architects will help you with renovation of any scope. We will be happy to make a tailor-made offer for you and present you with referential projects. With respect to budgets and deadlines we can ensure complete provision and also provide suppliers and construction supervision.


Regularly for the current projects information and portfolio of properties, please visit: Malkanat Real Estate services and Q Investments International property search page.

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